[LDTP-Dev] Community meeting - Agenda !!!

Nagappan A anagappan at novell.com
Tue Sep 27 22:17:26 PDT 2005

Hi Kaveri,
    GNOME automation should be taken forward :) But as of now not much 
progress there... Maybe we could get some help from GNOME community too 
? With the new appmap generation code, there is very less chance to edit 
the map file. So writing scripts will be easy when compared to before ;) 
Thanks to Prem :)

Luis, we are now packaging LDTP for different Linux distributions (which 
include SuSE, NLD, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian) !!!

Anybody from Mozilla community can help us in doing Firefox / 
Thunderbird automation ? Asa / Tracy / Zach / Patrick ?

BTW exisitng Firefox and GNOME scripts has to be modified to the new 
pyldtp format.


Kaveri Murthy wrote:
> Hi Nagappan,
> Any progress on the Gnome automation? are all the latest scripts
> available for download?
> Any plans for firefox and thunderbird?
> regards,
> kaveri
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