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Nico Gulden gulden at lisog.org
Mon Jun 16 09:07:01 PDT 2008

Hello list,

I recently heard about the Linux Desktop Testing Project. After
looking into it, our project group decided to get in contact with you.
To be brief first, we develop a specification for an Open Source based
Desktop Benchmark Suite and you provide a test automation framework that
could be useful for the implementation.

"We" are the project Open Source based Desktop Benchmark [1] of the
Linux Solutions Group e.V. (LiSoG) in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
LiSoG is dedicated to support Open Source based solutions especially in
business use. In a previous project called "Open Competitive Bidding" we
were confronted with the problem that public institutions in the
European Union have to phrase their tenders independently of products
and vendors. Those public institutions cannot invite tenders for a
certain type of hardware. They have to use independent measures to
specify the required features. Usually benchmark results like the Bapco
SYSmark Benchmark are used. Benchmarks exist for Linux servers, but not
for Linux desktops. That is a disadvantage for the use of the Linux
operating system and open source software in the public sector.

The LiSoG considers an Open Source based Desktop Benchmark Suite to be
an important factor in the promotion of Linux and Open Source Software.
Our board of directors decided to invite hardware producers, Linux
distributions, Open Source projects and public institutions to
participate and syndicate for the development of such a benchmark suite.
The project is supported by AMD, Federal Strategy Unit for IT of the
Federal IT Council in Switzerland, City of Freiburg, IBM, Linux Hotel,
Millenux, Novell, Sun Microsystems and Swiss Federal Supreme Court. The
whole list of supporters can be found online.

Prior to our last meeting we heard of your project and looked into it.
It could be useful for implementing the specification we are working on.
The specification includes assumptions for the benchmark, requirements,
types of workflows and applications that are used on a typical Linux
desktop. The list of applications to be considered has been approved and
is available online [2]. The draft of the specification is planned to be
finished on Februar, 1st 2009. After a two month review the
specification is to be released in May 2009. Our first goal is to
release the specification. During the next months we also think about
who could implement the specification and maintain the benchmark suite.
We are already in contact with the phoronix test suite project and
Michael Larabel.

We want to use LDTP for the automation of the usage of applications. How
can applications be used remotely that don't use the accessability libs?
What possibilities can be used to measure performance and time? How much
is the effort to develop own test scripts?

Our next meeting will be on July, 4th 2008 in Munich, Germany [3]. I'm
looking forward to you reply. Feel free to ask for further information.

[1] - http://www.lisog.org/projects/lbds-en
[2] -
[3] -

Kind regards,
Nico Gulden

Technical Lead
Linux Solutions Group e.V. - LiSoG
Fon: +49 711/90715-393   || Fax: +49 711/90715-350
E-Mail: gulden at lisog.org || Jabber: ngulden at pub.uue.org
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Branch offices: Hamburg - Stuttgart - Vienna - Zurich
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