[Libburn] Statement about libburn and cdrskin

scdbackup at gmx.net scdbackup at gmx.net
Sat Aug 5 01:49:38 PDT 2006


so we actually have a fork of libburn. 
Not my favorite situation.

Where am i standing myself ?
I annoy Joerg Schilling (whom i owe much) by developing
an alternative to his cdrecord.
I annoy Derek Foreman and friends by hopping on the fork
prong which seems to be moving on.
I annoy Mario Danic and friends by dumping all my demands
on them while clearly stating that i do not want to take
responsibility for inner entrails of libburn.

So far for my own social skills.
Well, one has to deal with what one got.

I refuse to take sides (refusal is among of my best
talents) but i don't want to be indifferent either.

cdrskin will try to adopt both forks as long as it
seems bearable in respect to #define complexity.
That's the lukewarm compromise.

If versions of libburn emerge that are too incompatible
but contain valuable enhancements (or if a totally
different library emerges that has sufficiently lean
dependencies) then cdrskin will get its own symbolic
burn API and adapter modules which translate that API
into the various library APIs.
Up to now there is not enough reason to do that but i
wouldn't be unhappy to get some. 
(Oh ~ Lord ~ won't ~ you ~ buy ~ me ~ a ~ TAO ~ program)

It would be very pleasing to see people staying civilized
and cooperative despite they are not agreeing on important
issues. I hope to have contributed my part to that by
posting this statement.

Have a nice day :)


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