[Libdlo] libtubecable 0.1.4

Rene Schickbauer cavac at magicbooks.org
Mon Jun 8 12:18:26 PDT 2009



* Added reverse gradient to show scrolling better (yup, it somehow has a
bug, Can someone check my math, please?)
* Moved finding of adapters from demo to lib - this is NOT enforced by lib,
you can still do it manually if you want.

I thought about horizontal scrolling. As far as i can see, the memory layout
doesn't support it directly. But we could use the invisible memory to draw a
bigger image and then bitblit the part we want to display into the visible
buffer. As this is an in-device operation, it should be fast enough to be
invisible to the user.

I use basically the same tricks in my "BlinkenSisters" game written with SDL.

BTW, libtubecable seems to be a good candidate to use in combination with
libsdl as a second screen, seeing that we could use all the SDL_gfx
functions on a SDL_Surface and then use libtubecable to actually render it
on screen (which should also give us mouse/keyboard support as well). I
would not implement it within ltc but rather would use ltc as an additional
surface->display render function from a "higher level" library. This should
give us a host of applications to test ltc - even if we would just duplicate
the main window onto the displaylink device - which should help us greatly
in debugging ltc's functions (because we have to screen output to compare).

Hackerkey: http://tinyurl.com/pof37z

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