[Libdlo] Multiscreen troubles with displaylink and intel

Bernie Thompson bernie at berniethompson.com
Thu Oct 8 08:49:48 PDT 2009

Hi Frank,
My testing has been nearly all with multiseat, so I'm ignorant of many of
the Xinerama and Xrandr ins and outs of getting extended desktop working.
 So I may get this wrong, but some of the potential causes:

* Because xorg doesn't have multiadapter support yet -- without Xinerama on,
the displaylink and intel drivers can't coexist in the same layout, which
may be the cause of the unload.  Anyone know another way in which they
* The current displaylink framebuffer driver is 16bpp (and may want to stay
that way for performance/simplicity reasons). Xinerama requires all screens
to be at the same color depth.
* Probably don't want to have a SubSection "display" today for any
displaylink device if you're using the monitor's preferred mode, as
displaylink-mod gets the best timings from EDID, there are no Depth options,
and 24bpp may cause a problem (seemed like removing that solved a problem
recently - mentioned on this list)

I'd try setting the Intel/TV to 16bpp and turn Xinerama on, and see if that

Again, I'm ignorant of a bunch of things, so I may be missing a better way.
If anyone has a suggestion, hopefully they'll hop in. And it'd be great if
you can report back if you're able to get it working.

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