[Libdlo] Mimo UM-740 touch drivers

Ben Hardill b.hardill at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 11:23:57 PDT 2009


I've fixed the crashing Xorg problem I was having after the Fedora 11 
update (turned out I needed some Input entries in my Xorg.conf)

So now I'm trying to get the touchscreen working. I have built the patch 
that Alex produced against the kernel, but I'm not seeing any 
new /dev/input devices (apart for the one for the camera) when I plug in 
the screen. I've tried manually inserting the usbtouchscreen module but 
still no joy.

Does anybody have some pointers?


p.s. is there somewhere better we should be talking about the 
touchscreen stuff as it's not really Displaylink related?


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