[Libdlo] Touch controllers with DisplayLink

Florian Echtler floe at butterbrot.org
Tue Oct 13 23:12:17 PDT 2009

Hello Brad,

> Does anyone know which Touch controller the Mimo uses and how it is
> connected to the DisplayLink chip?
it's a touchscreen controller by e2i Technologies (don't know the exact 
type). Internally, it's separately connected to an USB hub. usbtouchscreen 
supports it starting from 2.6.31.

> I am working on some custom hardware for a bezel that I would like to
> use a touch display. I would like to keep it compatible with the great
> Libdlo work that has already been done.
As libdlo/tubecable don't contain any touchscreen support themselves, that 
shouldn't be a problem IMHO. Choose any touchscreen controller you like.

I'm curious: can you talk a bit more about your project?

Yours, Florian
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