[Libdlo] Touch controllers with DisplayLink

Brad Jackson bjackson at Omneon.com
Wed Oct 14 08:54:11 PDT 2009

We make specialized Linux based servers with custom hardware inside. Our
current product has a very basic front bezel with a few LEDs. We would
like to add a touchscreen OLED panel to the front to display status and
graphics. I had hoped to use a TI touchscreen controller with an SPI bus
to the GPIO pins of the DisplayLink.

Today I will look into the e2i controller and a hub as a solution. 

Currently I am trying to get the 240x320 display to function correctly.
There is very little overlap between the lowest clock rates the
DisplayLink chip supports and the highest the display supports.

Thanks for the info and all you have done to get libdlo to this point.

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Hello Brad,

> Does anyone know which Touch controller the Mimo uses and how it is
> connected to the DisplayLink chip?
it's a touchscreen controller by e2i Technologies (don't know the exact 
type). Internally, it's separately connected to an USB hub.
supports it starting from 2.6.31.

> I am working on some custom hardware for a bezel that I would like to
> use a touch display. I would like to keep it compatible with the great
> Libdlo work that has already been done.
As libdlo/tubecable don't contain any touchscreen support themselves,
shouldn't be a problem IMHO. Choose any touchscreen controller you like.

I'm curious: can you talk a bit more about your project?

Yours, Florian
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