[Libdlo] Fwd: Help with Ubuntu 10.04

Andrew Simpson adpsimpson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 07:30:38 PDT 2010

Hi all,
I've recently got a Mimo UM 720S (a 7 inch touchscreen displaylink monitor).
I've not had much luck getting it working - I'd like it to display my
desktop, either extended from the laptop or instead of the laptop screen.

On reboot after first plugging in the screen, a text terminal is displayed.
Touch capabilities are working, although the screen is inverted - this is
presumably just a calibration issue.

So far I've successfully compiled and installed libdlo, and run the "make
check" script to display the test graphics. This works fine.

I then tried to follow the instructions given here:

These say that the displaylink drivers are provided with Ubuntu 10.04. I had
no luck getting anything working, with the suggested method of getting the
xclock to display causing an error ("No screens found").

I then tried the instructions linked from the freedesktop wiki, at
Again, this gave me no luck, and on reboot repeatedly faced me with two
blank screens.

So, can anyone please give me a reasonably simple set of instructions to
getting a displaylink monitor working on Ubuntu 10.04? I'm not new to linux,
but have just spent a day (and probably 50+ reboots) trying this - feels
like a reasonable time to ask for help! :)

Many thanks, Andy Simpson

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