[Libdlo] Successful on CentOS 5.4, now I want CentOS 5.3

Bernie Thompson bernie at plugable.com
Fri Feb 5 17:20:04 PST 2010

Hi Dave,

It's hard to guess how things will work on older kernels without testing,
but to help make things easier for people building udlfb as an module on
older kernels, this checkin adds some ifdefs to allow the driver to survive
even without defio and fb_sys ops being present.


The cost is - without defio, standard fbdev apps (that use mmap without
damage) won't work. And without FB_SYS, fbcon won't work.  They'll both just
silently not update the screen.  The custom displaylink X server will work
in any/either case.

If anyone has any bug reports on the latest udlfb code, they'd be welcome.

I know these #ifdefs may get flagged when the kernel patches come -- because
from the perspective of someone on the latest kernel, building out of the
kernel tree, you never need ifdefs like this.  But it's proven common to
have people wanting/needing to build udlfb as a module, without rebuilding
their kernel.  So this helps that.

It would be great to get some experience reports, or people digging back
versions, to figure out what kernel we can go back to, and still build.
Feel free to post those here.

And once you have the kernel module working, my impression is X is easier to
get running with older distros, than it is with recent ones. So Centos 5.3
might be easier than most.

Best wishes,

Plugable Technologies

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 11:18 AM, Dave Henning <dave at evlax.com> wrote:

> Now, I need to get this running on an existing CentOS 5.3 system.  Does
> anyone have any thoughts about how difficult this will be?  What are the
> packages need to be updated at a minimum?
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