[Libdlo] Successful on CentOS 5.4, now I want CentOS 5.3

Dave Henning dave at evlax.com
Fri Feb 5 23:48:39 PST 2010

On Fri, 2010-02-05 at 17:20 -0800, Bernie Thompson wrote:
> Hi Dave, 
> It's hard to guess how things will work on older kernels without
> testing, but to help make things easier for people building udlfb as
> an module on older kernels, this checkin adds some ifdefs to allow the
> driver to survive even without defio and fb_sys ops being present.
> http://git.plugable.com/gitphp/index.php?p=udlfb&a=commitdiff&h=c3ab826cc90e5166aadb3cd187a3d69b04f87337
> The cost is - without defio, standard fbdev apps (that use mmap
> without damage) won't work. And without FB_SYS, fbcon won't work.
> They'll both just silently not update the screen.  The custom
> displaylink X server will work in any/either case.
> If anyone has any bug reports on the latest udlfb code, they'd be
> welcome.
> I know these #ifdefs may get flagged when the kernel patches come --
> because from the perspective of someone on the latest kernel, building
> out of the kernel tree, you never need ifdefs like this.  But it's
> proven common to have people wanting/needing to build udlfb as a
> module, without rebuilding their kernel.  So this helps that.
> It would be great to get some experience reports, or people digging
> back versions, to figure out what kernel we can go back to, and still
> build.  Feel free to post those here.
> And once you have the kernel module working, my impression is X is
> easier to get running with older distros, than it is with recent ones.
> So Centos 5.3 might be easier than most.
> Best wishes,
> Bernie
Thanks, Bernie.

I had some more success.  I took a raw CentOS 5.3 install and then
upgraded the Xorg pacakges by running the following command:

$sudo yum -y groupinstall "X Window System"

That installed the 5.4 version of all of these packages and I was able
to get things working following this recipe:

I am guessing this is a major "cheat", but I think it is going to be
acceptable for my needs.  The kernel version is still from CentOS 5.3

Thanks so much for your ideas. 

Dave ...
> Plugable Technologies
> http://plugable.com/
> On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 11:18 AM, Dave Henning <dave at evlax.com> wrote:
>         Now, I need to get this running on an existing CentOS 5.3
>         system.  Does
>         anyone have any thoughts about how difficult this will be?
>          What are the
>         packages need to be updated at a minimum?

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