[Libdlo] Generic fbdev X server on DisplayLink devices

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Mon May 31 04:55:39 PDT 2010

Bernie Thompson wrote:
> Here are some small modifications to the generic xf86-video-fbdev driver,
> ported from Roberto's displaylink driver, to let it run on udlfb.  Adds a
> new xorg.conf option (ReportDamage), which must be turned on to let
> virtual/indirect/remote framebuffers like udlfb know what pixels are
> changing.
> http://plugable.com/2010/05/21/linux-support-for-higher-res-monitors-on-lower-res-displaylink-devices/
> Some benefits are
> * Using the generic fbdev driver gets rid many unnecessary lines of code to
> maintain, at little/no functional loss
> * It may be easier to get a small patch to fbdev accepted to get DisplayLink
> support in distros, rather than a new X server

Hi Bernie,
this is good news. Have you posted this patch to fbdev developers? If yes can
you share a link/issue tracker for those interested to monitor the patch

As of now there are two X server drivers on git.plugable.com: xf-video-udlfb and
xf86-video-fbdev. What are their differences and which one is the preferred one?


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