[Libdlo] Generic fbdev X server on DisplayLink devices

Bernie Thompson bernie at plugable.com
Fri May 21 11:29:49 PDT 2010

Here are some small modifications to the generic xf86-video-fbdev driver,
ported from Roberto's displaylink driver, to let it run on udlfb.  Adds a
new xorg.conf option (ReportDamage), which must be turned on to let
virtual/indirect/remote framebuffers like udlfb know what pixels are


Some benefits are

* Using the generic fbdev driver gets rid many unnecessary lines of code to
maintain, at little/no functional loss
* It may be easier to get a small patch to fbdev accepted to get DisplayLink
support in distros, rather than a new X server
* It uses the kernel-mode provided modelists (rather than EDID directly), so
it works with standard kernel-provided mode lists (which was the impetus for
doing this now)
* It supports 24/32bpp, for when pseudo-truecolor support is added to udlfb

There's more work to do on this, especially getting agreement on the ioctl #
and struct (what's there now is still the original ioctl signature with ints
and a non-reserved ordinal).  Reports of anything broken, and especially
patches to improve things, are welcome.

Best wishes,
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