[Libdlo] Burnt monitor

Tomas Di Domenico tomas at didomenico.com.ar
Wed Aug 24 02:57:16 PDT 2011


After some effort, I was able to get a 3-screen setup in my laptop with 
a HP USB adapter. Connected to it I had a kinda old BenQ FP71G+ monitor, 
for which I had to use the included HDMI-VGA adapter.

Everything went nicely for a couple of days, until at one point I 
started smelling like something was burning. Right after the monitor 
went blank.

Excuse my ignorance, but my question is: could it be a combination of 
monitor, VGA adapter and what else that caused the problem? I can hook a 
newer widescreen HDMI BenQ monitor to it now, but I'd be afraid to burn 
this one too...

I know it's a very setup-specific question, but maybe someone has some 
inner knowledge on what could be happening.


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