[Libdlo] Burnt monitor

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Wed Aug 24 03:21:30 PDT 2011

На 24.08.2011 12:57, Tomas Di Domenico написа:
> Greets!
> After some effort, I was able to get a 3-screen setup in my laptop with a HP USB
> adapter. Connected to it I had a kinda old BenQ FP71G+ monitor, for which I had
> to use the included HDMI-VGA adapter.
> Everything went nicely for a couple of days, until at one point I started
> smelling like something was burning. Right after the monitor went blank.
> Excuse my ignorance, but my question is: could it be a combination of monitor,
> VGA adapter and what else that caused the problem? I can hook a newer widescreen
> HDMI BenQ monitor to it now, but I'd be afraid to burn this one too...

Hi Tomas,
not sure if your old monitor time has come but in IMHO it's plausible to burn 
the monitor by forcing higher resolution/refresh rate.

The VGA/HDMI adapter should not be a factor IMO because this is a passive device.

IIRC DisplayLink based devices will try to use the maximum resolution supported 
by the monitor and by the device. While some monitors may be supporting the 
selected mode of operation there are modes where the hardware will last longer, 
e.g. refresh rate of 75Hz vs. 60Hz, etc. In other words the USB video card may 
have forced the monitor to operate in a "high-performance" mode which wasn't 
designed for longevity.

However I can only speculate about that because I'm not hardware expert. Just 
try another one and you'll see.

I personally have 2 old 15" Fujitsu LCD monitors that I'm using with hardware 
from Plugable and never had any issues with them.


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