[Libdlo] Current Code location?

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Fri Jun 10 06:23:20 PDT 2011

На 10.06.2011 15:37, Matt Dorsch написа:
> Alexander,
> Thank you for your response. I do have two follow questions however.
> 1. Where is the recommended X driver? Should I be using
> http://git.plugable.com/webdav/xf-video-udlfb for that?

I personally use this:

IIRC xf-video-udlfb is a special X driver to work with udlfb. Then 
xf86-video-fbdev was introduced which was a fork of standard fbdev driver + 
damage support added.

I think you should use xf86-video-fbdev but OTOH the directory liistings shows 
that xf-video-udlfb/ has also been updated around the same time as 

Moreover if your Xorg has support for the damage protocol/extension (not quite 
sure how it is implemented if at all) you should not need additional drivers.

> 2. When you recommend using udlfb from kernel.org, you mean I should
> use the one distributed with the kernel, assuming the kernel is
>> =2.6.38? (I'm planning on updating the libdlo HowTo page, and I want
> to make sure I don't make things worse.)

I will usually git clone the linux-next branch and take out the latest udlfb 
from there and compile as separate module. Depending on your kernel version it 
may or may not compile cleanly. See the patch for 2.6.32 at:


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