[Libdlo] Linux DispayLink issues

Eugene Perepelitzki eugenep at wisair.com
Tue Mar 15 01:42:21 PDT 2011

My name is Eugene and I started to work in "Wisair" to support our
products on Linux platform. Wisair products are based on wireless USB
technology and DisplayLink solution. It works fine on Windows, and now
we want to bring it up on various Linux based platforms including
Ubuntu, Android, etc.
Now I work with Ubuntu 10.04. After reading some help topics, I have my
DisplayLink video device working with second screen, but it have some
1. It have not real plug and play support, and when I disconnect device
from USB and then reconnect it, it is not working (X server driver
cannot restart it). This limitation make it hard to implement (and not
useful) for wireless USB case.
2. It is working only in GNOME failsafe desktop mode.
3. It is working only in multi screen mode and not as external monitor
(Xinerama off).
4. I tried to run some video application on it (vlc) and it have
problems with colors.

Any idea how to fix these limitation ? 


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