[Libdlo] libdlo for linux text console without X server?

J.B. Brown jbbrown at pharm.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Oct 5 21:16:33 PDT 2011

Hello Marcus Becker and the libdlo community,

The information provided by you for the question submitted by Falazemi
was very helpful consideration for me to try and get my DisplayLink
USB (Century Plus One LCD-10000U) device to work in Linux.
I was wondering if such advice has already been compiled into some
sort of documentation to help people such as myself who have bought DL
devices that claim to only work in Win/Mac, and if so, where that
documentation can be found?

With many thanks,
J.B. Brown, Ph.D.
Kyoto University Graduate School for Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Systems Bioscience for Drug Discovery

2011/10/5 Marcus Becker <marcus.disi at gmail.com>:
> hi falazemi,
> from the kernel documentation:
> Module Options
> ==============
> Special configuration for udlfb is usually unnecessary. There are a few
> options, however.
> From the command line, pass options to modprobe
> modprobe udlfb defio=1 console=1

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