[Libdlo] Wireless USB docking stations

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Sun Oct 9 10:58:26 PDT 2011

Hello folks,
have anyone of you tried or used a wireless USB docking station? I'd like to get 
one for home use and attach it to a multi-seat system that I have. Any help or 
product feedback would be appreciated.

There are several things in particular that I'm still missing:

1) Why would I need a driver for it? Isn't it plain old USB over wireless media? 
I don't see a driver for Linux mentioned anywhere. I wonder if it will work 
without a driver.

2) Wireless USB 1.0 vs. USB 2.0 - on several products I see under standards:
Wireless USB 1.0, USB-IF certified
3.168 to 4.752 GHz (WiMedia Band
Group 1)

Is "1.0" referring to the version of wireless not the version of USB? IOW can it 
reach USB 2.0 speeds? I think it can.

3) Have you seen devices that can work when line of sight is obstructed ? 
Product descriptions don't say that but looking at Wireless USB vs. 60 GHz in 
Wikipedia it seems that it works.  In my case I want to place the docking 
station in the other room instead of drilling through the wall for a cable.

4) I was looking at Toshiba dynadock® wireless U Docking Station. It looks like 
it can work both in wired and wireless mode which makes it a safe choice. Has 
anyone tried it? And why the hell it has 2 antennas? Better signal maybe.

Have you tried/seen other wireless DisplayLink based solutions? Using Bluetooth 
or other wireless based media for example.


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