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> I don't think that using NOTIFY is confusing; one thing is the name of
> the CID, the other thing is what kind of messages can be built with
> that CID. But anyway, how about "_REPORT"?
> > A more dramatic approach, which I'm not sure if it's worth the effort,
> is to
> > change to the code generator not to add a service name to CID names.
> Then we
> > can pick whatever CID names we want as long as they are unique.
> >
> Not worth the effort, no.
> > As for the mbimcli actions, would you like to following a similar naming
> > convention (e.g. query instead of get for 'Get') like basic-connect?
> --ms-firmware-id-query
> --ms-host-shutdown-report
I've updated firmware ID patches. I picked "--ms-query-firmware-id" as it
looks more consistent with basic-connect and phonebook.
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