FCC Authentication with umbim

Fabian Schörghofer fabian.schoergi at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 12:48:25 UTC 2016


I have an EM7455 here from or better with Lenovo settings applied. How
to deactivate the FCC check? The device will not be used in a Lenovo
laptop anymore, so no problem with the notebook not be booting anymore.

Bjørn wrote that the FCC_AUTH can be deactivated in the settings:


> learn a bit about these modems, and I did notice that there is a
>  FCC_AUTH => 01
> setting in the
> 1102662_9905046_EM7455_02.05.07.00_00_Lenovo-Laptop_001.003_000.nvu
> file (which AFAIU contains all the Lenovo specific settings). 

How can this be achieved? Is there a "settings editor"?

I know this might be the wrong place to ask, but if the above is not
possible, would it be possible to send the FCC Auth with umbim? The
library hasn't been updated recently, so I don't think this is as of now

Best Regards

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