Meson and Buildroot

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Thu Jul 22 07:44:43 UTC 2021

Hey Yegor,

Adding Iñigo in CC, who is the one who did all this.

> have you already tried to build libmbim via meson in BR?

Nope, no.

> 1. libmbim needs bash_completion now. This means bash must be
> installed as well. Does it make sense to make this feature optional?

I recall something about this, I think we had to add it in the CI
image. Iñigo, is this something we can make optional?

> 2. has a problem. In my case
> "bash_completion_completionsdir" is an absolute path
> "/usr/share/bash-completion/completions", hence os.path.join() ignores
> prefix according to its definition. If you bump the minimal meson
> version to 0.46, you can use install_data command with rename feature.

We default to 0.45.1 because that is the meson version released in a
default Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS in support until April 2023). Unfortunately
meson is pretty new, and the newest releases are very powerful, but
until now we've always tried to be in line with what the LTS releases

> But I had no problems with gobject-introspection :-)

Hah :)

Also, there is another blocker issue in the meson port right now,
something related to how gtk-doc documentation is built. We cannot
fully switch to meson until that is resolved. That would not be an
issue for buildroot, though, no gtk-doc should be built there.


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