Issues with Netgear 340U latest firmware

Markus Gothe nietzsche at
Thu Aug 14 07:41:20 PDT 2014

I can confirm that this made the new firmware work for me.

Seems like the device ended up in raw-ip mode after upgrade.

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Den 14 aug 2014 01:04 skrev Aleksander Morgado <aleksander at>:
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 9:19 PM, Dan Williams <dcbw at> wrote: 
> > b) On "9x15" devices, the Netgear GobiNet driver uses the WDA service's 
> > Set Data Format call instead of the CTL service.  Not sure if that makes 
> > a difference here or not, but maybe new devices expect the WDA mechanism 
> > instead, and so the data format is not getting switched to Ethernet? 
> My tests with newer Sierra devices and this issue (CTL vs WDA) yielded 
> more or less the same results. This is, wwan data format can be 
> changed with both ways successfully, with the difference being that 
> the WDA service is just much better documented. Recent libqmi/qmicli 
> has support for WDA, btw: 
>   --wda-set-data-format=[raw-ip|802-3] 
>   --wda-get-data-format 
> The problem for the reporter may just be that by default raw-ip is 
> configured in the WWAN interface; or if it has 2 interfaces, one may 
> be raw-ip and the other 802-3. qmicli doesn't change the data format 
> by default (as ModemManager does), so the issue may just be that 802-3 
> needs to be explicitly requested via qmicli... 
> Gopakumar, can you try to run: 
> $ qmicli --wds-noop --device-open-net="net-802-3|net-no-qos-header" 
> and then your normal WDS connection setup? 
> Or, with a newer libqmi: 
> $ qmicli --wda-set-data-format="802-3" 
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