Question about Gobiserial Vs qmi_wwan

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Fri Aug 15 09:31:02 PDT 2014

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 3:52 PM, Gopakumar Choorakkot Edakkunni
<gopakumar.c.e at> wrote:
>>>> No, I Sierra Wireless do definitely test their Linux drivers.  And they
>>>> do provide support for them (in the embedded market).  So the
>>>> GobiSerial/GobiNet drivers *might* be the correct choice for some users,
> So does the Gobinet driver that I get for example from the Netgear AC340U
> product page - does that work for ALL classes of Sierra devices or does
> Netgear or other vendors (huawei etc..) put in their own fixes on top and
> repackage it and put it on their website ? Or is there some other place
> where qualcomm maintains a gobinet driver which is the latest and greatest
> and supports netgear and huawei and pantech and etc.. etc.. ?

More or less on-topic, I wrote a blogpost about this not long ago:

There is a 'qualcomm' GobiNet, in the CodeAurora project page, but
every vendor keeps its own. E.g. Sierra will modify the stock GobiNet
at least to add their specific VID/PID matches as well as their unique
USB interface layouts. I guess others do this as well. Sierra actually
also decided to port a fix that Bjørn did in the upstream qmi_wwan
driver, but don't know if others did that as well.

>From my POV, there are reasons to use GobiNet instead of qmi_wwan
(e.g. if you're looking for the vendor-provided product support), or
other things which we currently don't support yet (like firmware
loading)... apart from those, I'd really suggest to use qmi_wwan and
libqmi (with qmicli and/or ModemManager :) ).


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