ANN: libqmi 1.10.4 released

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Sun Oct 12 19:20:08 PDT 2014


libqmi-glib 1.10.4 reference manual contains PDS content, I think this is indicate that this version should support PDS service. but I don't observe the PDS service option in qmicli. so could you tell me how to access PDS service like DMS via qmicli directly.  

tvupack libqmi-1.10.4 # qmicli  --help
  qmicli [OPTION...] - Control QMI devices
Help Options:
  -h, --help                                                                            Show help options
  --help-all                                                                            Show all help options
  --help-dms                                                                            Show Device Management Service options
  --help-nas                                                                            Show Network Access Service options
  --help-wds                                                                            Show Wireless Data Service options
  --help-pbm                                                                            Show Phonebook Management options
  --help-uim                                                                            Show User Identity Module options
  --help-wda                                                                            Show Wireless Data Administrative options
Application Options:
  -d, --device=[PATH]                                                                   Specify device path
  --get-service-version-info                                                            Get service version info
  --device-set-instance-id=[Instance ID]                                                Set instance ID
  --device-open-version-info                                                            Run version info check when opening device
  --device-open-sync                                                                    Run sync operation when opening device
  -p, --device-open-proxy                                                               Request to use the 'qmi-proxy' proxy
  --device-open-net=[net-802-3|net-raw-ip|net-qos-header|net-no-qos-header]             Open device with specific link protocol and QoS flags
  --client-cid=[CID]                                                                    Use the given CID, don't allocate a new one
  --client-no-release-cid                                                               Do not release the CID when exiting
  -v, --verbose                                                                         Run action with verbose logs, including the debug ones
  --silent                                                                              Run action with no logs; not even the error/warning ones
  -V, --version                                                                         Print version

Thanks in advance.


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At 2014-10-13 00:39:40, "Aleksander Morgado" <aleksander at> wrote:
>New stable libqmi release available. The release is made out of the
>new "qmi-1-10"  branch in git.
>Overview of changes in libqmi 1.10.4
>* Ensure available buffer size when reading string/array size variables.
>* Avoid buffer overlow in emit_input_tlv_add().
>* Assert input buffer size when writing strings to buffer.
>* Fix segfault due to race condition in the QmiProxy.
>Thanks to everyone involved.
>About libqmi:
>Download here:
>API here:
>Please report bugs either to:
>    libqmi-devel at
>Or to bugzilla:
>libqmi-devel mailing list
>libqmi-devel at
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