RFC: aleksander/qmi-firmware-update branch

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Thu Dec 8 22:42:09 UTC 2016


One interesting thing I noticed; unlike the 9200 or the 9x15 devices
I've played with, in the MC7455 (a 9x30) you can run the
qmi-firmware-update program to flash multiple firmware image pairs
(modem+pri) and they are all kept stored in the device; i.e. you can
have more than one image at the same time stored, and then you can use
--dms-list-stored-images, --dms-select-stored-image and
--dms-delete-stored-image to play with them. You can also have for
example the base firmware image and per-carrier
ATT/Rogers/Bell/Generic pri images all stored in the device, and
switch between them without needing to run the flashing tool. This is
a usecase which was already supported and tested with libqmi and
ModemManager since a some time ago (but tested only with one
Foxconn/Novatel device and without being able to upload new firmware).


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