MC7430 ubuntu 16.04 or 16.10 and latest kernel

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> This PC's mini pci-E slot does not support USB3 but it has failed back USB
> 2.0 successfully. This got me thinking that maybe the adapter card  which
> will
> be putting PCI-E data on the USB3 bins is casing a problem. So I may need
> to try taping of this pins on the modem. Apologies if I have wasted anyones
> time however,
> maybe this will help anyone else who tries to use a mini pci-E to PCI-E
> card.

I have had same issues with Hummingboard2, the MC7455 needs the pins taped
to be able to be recognized. The EM7455 has been working well with
M.2->mPCIe adapter, and most likely for the same reasons that it does not
let the USB3 signals through.

However, in the latest firmware for MC7455,, there is an
feature added with following description:

"Added feature to force the module to use USB 2.0"

But I have not been able to find any information how I use this feature.

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