system automatically reboot due to MC7430

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Mon Sep 19 10:28:33 UTC 2016

Hi Bjorn,


If use clear qmi_wwan driver, I should use the one from kernel 4.5, because it is the lowest kernel version to support MC7430, right?


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At 2016-09-19 15:25:40, "Bjørn Mork" <bjorn at> wrote:
>dailijin  <dailijin126 at> writes:
>> I have tested GobiNet driver and not reproduced this issue. so I think
>> this is qmi_wwan driver issue.
>That is: An issue with *your* qmi_wwan driver.  That does not surprise
>me and it should not surprise you.  FWIW, I do not recommend your
>solution. If you want to use these modems on heavily modified kernels
>from the stone age, then please by all means, stick with GobiNet.  There
>is no other supported solution.  Only GobiNet.
>Please reproduce the issue with an unmodified qmi_wwan driver, using
>either mainline or one of the maintained stable kernels.
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