system automatically reboot due to MC7430

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon Sep 19 10:36:16 UTC 2016

dailijin  <dailijin126 at> writes:

> If use clear qmi_wwan driver, I should use the one from kernel 4.5,
> because it is the lowest kernel version to support MC7430, right?

No, you should use one of the kernel version listed here:

*And* it needs to be v4.5 or higher to support MC7430. So the list of
possible versions is very short. At the moment, it is either v4.8-rc7 or
v4.7.4 and nothing else.  No other kernel version with MC7430 support is
actively maintained.  If it isn't maintained, then it cannot be fixed...

Sorry to be this strict, but there really is no point in finding bugs
unless we can fix them.


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