how to support EM7565 modem

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Mon Nov 20 09:24:11 UTC 2017

Hi Bjorn,

Only update investigation result.

After add 1199:9091 into qmi_wwan,  the modem will create one wwan interface and one cdc-wdmx interface. then I can make it work with RAW-IP mode.


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At 2017-11-14 22:27:34, "Bjørn Mork" <bjorn at> wrote:
>dailijin  <dailijin126 at> writes:
>> I just tested GobiNet driver for the modem, seems only the latest
>> GobiNet driver can support the modem. so not sure whether also need
>> new qmi_wwan driver to support it. the modem pid:vid is 1199:9091
>> which is not included in qmi_wwan driver now.
>> I have no environment now. will update my investigation result when I
>> have the modem again.
>Looking forward to that.  Please post as much details as you can about
>the modem and testing. I guess it will take some time before this modem
>is generally available, based on the MC/EM7455 experiences.
>Adding a new ID to qmi_wwan should be no problem if you are able to
>build GobiNet.  It's also possible to test the modem by adding the ID
>dynamically, using the new_id attribute.  But then you have to take
>special care to make sure only the QMI interface(s) are bound to the
>qmi_wwan driver.
>If you can do any testing in MBIM mode, then those results would also be
>interesting.  This should just work without any driver or userspace
>changes.  In theory...
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