qmi-network fails to start

Fabian Schörghofer fabian.schoergi at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 01:21:42 UTC 2017

--set-expected-data-format=802-3 is wrong. This device only uses raw-ip.
My guess is that the parameter look something like this:
--set-expected-data-format=raw-ip (or rawip).

Am 06.10.2017 18:11, schrieb Benoît:
> Hi, I have a new computer with a Sierra MC/EM7455 but I got an
> issue to make it work with qmi-network. (I am not using
> networkmanager on this computer).
> When I try a qmi-network /dev/cdc-wdm0 start I got a "QMI protocol
> error (3): 'Internal' with a WDA Unsupported.
> So I tried to activate 802-3 with --set-expected-data-format=802-3
> but I receive an error as well where it fails to open file 
> /sys/class/net..../qmi/raw_ip.

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