qmicli always getting transaction time out

EMANUEL FERNANDO MONTOYA GOMEZ emanuel.montoya at udea.edu.co
Fri Apr 20 17:40:05 UTC 2018

I am really new to this subject and just want to get MC7455 connected to
cellular network and getting an IP address but I haven't been able
I have tried several things without total success.Specially, when I use
qmicli I always get * service: CID allocation failed in the CTL client:
Transaction timed out*. No matter what options I try (I don't fully
understand what each of them does, just try to follow tutorials)

*ModemManager is not running*

*ico1 at ico1:~$ sudo systemctl status NetworkManager ModemManager●
NetworkManager.service - Network Manager   Loaded: loaded
(/lib/systemd/system/NetworkManager.service; disabled; vendor preset:
enabled)   Active: inactive (dead)     Docs: man:NetworkManager(8)abr 20
11:41:43 ico1 systemd[1]: Network Manager is not active.abr 20 12:06:57
ico1 systemd[1]: Stopped Network Manager.● ModemManager.service - Modem
Manager   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ModemManager.service;
disabled; vendor preset: enabled)   Active: inactive (dead)abr 20 12:06:57
ico1 systemd[1]: Stopped Modem Manager.ico1 at ico1:~$ mmcli -m 0error:
couldn't find the ModemManager process in the busSierra PID/VIDico1 at ico1:~$
lsusbBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hubBus 001
Device 003: ID 1199:9071 Sierra Wireless, Inc. Bus 001 Device 002: ID
0930:6545 Toshiba Corp. Kingston DataTraveler 102/2.0 / HEMA Flash Drive 2
GB / PNY Attache 4GB StickBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation
2.0 root hubQMI Driversico1 at ico1:~$ lsmod | grep qmiqmi_wwan
24576  0cdc_wdm                20480  1 qmi_wwanusbnet
45056  1 qmi_wwanDEV MAPPING: cdc-dwm0, cdc dwm1, ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1,
ttyUSB2ico1 at ico1:~$ ls /dev/autofs           dri          i2c-4
loop7               ptmx      snd     tty19  tty33  tty48  tty62
ttyS18  ttyS4    vcs3block            drm_dp_aux0  i2c-5
loop-control        ptp0      stderr  tty2   tty34  tty49  tty63
ttyS19  ttyS5    vcs4bsg              drm_dp_aux1  ico1-vg
mapper              ptp1      stdin   tty20  tty35  tty5   tty7
ttyS2   ttyS6    vcs5btrfs-control    drm_dp_aux2  initctl
mcelog              pts       stdout  tty21  tty36  tty50  tty8
ttyS20  ttyS7    vcs6bus              ecryptfs     input
mem                 random    tty     tty22  tty37  tty51  tty9
ttyS21  ttyS8    vcsacdc-wdm0         fb0          kmsg
memory_bandwidth    rfkill    tty0    tty23  tty38  tty52  ttyprintk
ttyS22  ttyS9    vcsa1cdc-wdm1         fd           kvm
mqueue              rtc       tty1    tty24  tty39  tty53  ttyS0
ttyS23  ttyUSB0  vcsa2char             full         lightnvm
net                 rtc0      tty10   tty25  tty4   tty54  ttyS1
ttyS24  ttyUSB1  vcsa3console          fuse         log
network_latency     sda       tty11   tty26  tty40  tty55  ttyS10
ttyS25  ttyUSB2  vcsa4core             hpet         loop0
network_throughput  sda1      tty12   tty27  tty41  tty56  ttyS11
ttyS26  uhid     vcsa5cpu              hugepages    loop1
null                sda2      tty13   tty28  tty42  tty57  ttyS12
ttyS27  uinput   vcsa6cpu_dma_latency  hwrng        loop2
port                sda3      tty14   tty29  tty43  tty58  ttyS13
ttyS28  urandom  vfiocuse             i2c-0        loop3
ppp                 serial    tty15   tty3   tty44  tty59  ttyS14
ttyS29  userio   vga_arbiterdisk             i2c-1        loop4
pps0                sg0       tty16   tty30  tty45  tty6   ttyS15
ttyS3   vcs      vhcidm-0             i2c-2        loop5
pps1                shm       tty17   tty31  tty46  tty60  ttyS16
ttyS30  vcs1     vhost-netdm-1             i2c-3        loop6
psaux               snapshot  tty18   tty32  tty47  tty61  ttyS17
ttyS31  vcs2     zeroTrying some qmicli commands ico1 at ico1:~$ sudo qmicli
-d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --wda-get-data-format -v[20 abr 2018, 12:13:35] [Debug]
[/dev/cdc-wdm0] Opening device with flags 'auto'...[20 abr 2018, 12:13:35]
[Debug] [/dev/cdc-wdm0] loaded driver of cdc-wdm port: qmi_wwan[20 abr
2018, 12:13:35] [Debug] [/dev/cdc-wdm0] automatically selecting QMI mode[20
abr 2018, 12:13:35] [Debug] QMI Device at '/dev/cdc-wdm0' ready[20 abr
2018, 12:13:35] [Debug] [/dev/cdc-wdm0] Assuming service 'wda' is
supported...[20 abr 2018, 12:13:35] [Debug] [/dev/cdc-wdm0] Allocating new
client ID...[20 abr 2018, 12:13:35] [Debug] [/dev/cdc-wdm0] sent
message...<<<<<< RAW:<<<<<<   length = 16<<<<<<   data   =
01:0F:00:00:00:00:00:01:22:00:04:00:01:01:00:1A[20 abr 2018, 12:13:35]
[Debug] [/dev/cdc-wdm0] sent generic request (translated)...<<<<<<
QMUX:<<<<<<   length  = 15<<<<<<   flags   = 0x00<<<<<<   service =
"ctl"<<<<<<   client  = 0<<<<<< QMI:<<<<<<   flags       = "none"<<<<<<
transaction = 1<<<<<<   tlv_length  = 4<<<<<<   message     = "Allocate
CID" (0x0022)<<<<<< TLV:<<<<<<   type       = "Service" (0x01)<<<<<<
length     = 1<<<<<<   value      = 1A<<<<<<   translated = wdaerror:
couldn't create client for the 'wda' service: CID allocation failed in the
CTL client: Transaction timed out*

*Using qmi-networkico1 at ico1:~$ sudo qmi-network /dev/cdc-wdm0 startLoading
profile at /etc/qmi-network.conf...    APN: internet.comcel.com.co
<http://internet.comcel.com.co>    APN user: comcelweb    APN password:
unset    qmi-proxy: noChecking data format with 'qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0
--wda-get-data-format '...error: couldn't create client for the 'wda'
service: CID allocation failed in the CTL client: Transaction timed
outDevice link layer protocol not retrieved: WDA unsupportedStarting
network with 'qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0
--client-no-release-cid '...error: couldn't create client for the 'wds'
service: CID allocation failed in the CTL client: Transaction timed
outerror: network start failed, client not allocatedico1 at ico1:~$ *

*When I use mmcli, I get some some progressico1 at ico1:~$ mmcli -m
0/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/0 (device id
'088330464913ba8d7e3f35532c191e7828492142')  -------------------------
Hardware |   manufacturer: 'Sierra Wireless, Incorporated'
|          model: 'MC7455'           |       revision:
'SWI9X30C_02.24.03.00 r6978 CARMD-EV-FRMWR2 2017/03/02 13:36:45'
|      supported: 'gsm-umts, lte'           |        current: 'gsm-umts,
lte'           |   equipment id: '359072060687569'
-------------------------  System   |         device:
'/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:15.0/usb1/1-4'           |        drivers:
'qcserial, qmi_wwan'           |         plugin: 'Sierra'           |
primary port: 'ttyUSB2'           |          ports: 'wwp0s21f0u4i8 (net),
wwp0s21f0u4i10 (net), ttyUSB2 (at), ttyUSB0 (qcdm)'
-------------------------  Numbers  |           own : 'unknown'
-------------------------  Status   |           lock: 'none'           |
unlock retries: 'unknown'           |          state:
'registered'           |    power state: 'on'           |    access tech:
'umts'           | signal quality: '60' (recent)
-------------------------  Modes    |      supported: 'allowed: 2g, 3g, 4g;
preferred: none'           |        current: 'allowed: 2g, 3g, 4g;
preferred: none'  -------------------------  Bands    |      supported:
'unknown'           |        current: 'unknown'  -------------------------
IP       |      supported: 'ipv4, ipv6, ipv4v6'  -------------------------
3GPP     |           imei: 'XXXXXXXXXXX'           |  enabled locks:
'none'           |    operator id: '732101'           |  operator name:
'00430 00430'           |   subscription: 'unknown'           |
registration: 'home'  -------------------------  SIM      |           path:
'/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/SIM/0'  -------------------------  Bearers
|          paths: 'none'*

*ico1 at ico1:~$ sudo mmcli -m 0 --simple-connect="apn=internet.comcel.com.co
connected the modemico1 at ico1:~$ mmcli -b 0Bearer
'/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Bearer/0'  -------------------------
Status             |   connected: 'yes'                     |   suspended:
'no'                     |   interface: 'ttyUSB2'                     |  IP
timeout: '20'  -------------------------  Properties         |         apn:
<http://internet.comcel.com.co>'                     |     roaming:
'allowed'                     |     IP type: 'ipv4'
|        user: 'COMCELWEB'                     |    password:
'comcelweb'                     |      number: 'none'                     |
Rm protocol: 'unknown'  -------------------------  IPv4 configuration |
method: 'ppp'                     |  address: 'unknown'
|   prefix: '0'                     |  gateway:
'unknown'                     |      DNS: none  -------------------------
IPv6 configuration |   method: 'unknown'  -------------------------
Stats              |          Duration: '0'                     |    Bytes
received: 'N/A'                     | Bytes transmitted: 'N/A'*

*But I dont see any IP address. What am I missing or doing wrong?*

*Thanks in advance*


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