Sim Card Status

Ray Kinsella mdr at
Mon Feb 5 15:57:08 UTC 2018

Hi folks,

I previously build a homebrew LTE router using

  * Intel Galileo Generation 1
  * Hauwei ME906e M2M LTE Modem
  * M2 to mPCIe Convertor

( )

I recently was sent a new x86 based board to try, its a more purpose 
build routerboard compared to the Intel Galileo. The new routerboard 
features a simcard slot on the board itself, the older homebrew LTE 
router had it on the M2 to mPCIe Convertor.

I am suspicious that the Simcard slot isn't working, or at least the Sim 
Card doesn't like the new slot. When I query its status I get the 
following output.

root at ashroe-gw:~# qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --uim-get-card-status
[/dev/cdc-wdm0] Successfully got card status
Provisioning applications:
         Primary GW:   session doesn't exist
         Primary 1X:   session doesn't exist
         Secondary GW: session doesn't exist
         Secondary 1X: session doesn't exist
Card [0]:
         Card state: 'error: no-atr-received (3)
         UPIN state: 'not-initialized'
                 UPIN retries: '0'
                 UPUK retries: '0'

Full debug is available here,

Similarly trying to start the network similarly fails.

root at ashroe-gw:~# qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 
error: couldn't start network: QMI protocol error (64): '(null)'

Full debug is available here,

Any thoughts on how I confirm the Simcard is the problem?

Ray K

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