eMBMS in libqmi

Ginzler, Tobias tobias.ginzler at fkie.fraunhofer.de
Mon Jan 15 11:46:34 UTC 2018

That would be awesome if libqmi could support the eMBMS QMI commands directly! I could test the effect in our lab. 

> Note that the GobiApi code we host in the git repo are just snapshots
> of the public GobiAPI source code dumps. This code has nothing to do
> with libqmi, they're completely separate projects and they don't work
> together.

> What we need is to extend libqmi and qmicli with support for the
> 0x0063) and QMI_NAS_EMBMS_STATUS_IND (NAS 0x0063) messages. The
> messages are easy enough (just enable/disable eMBMS setup). We would
> need to define them in data/qmi-service-nas.json and then update
> qmicli with new actions to use them.

>> Currently I am trying to test eMBMS. We luckily have an eMBMS test cell in our LTE lab setup. I have a modem (EM7430) which I think supports eMBMS through its Qualcomm modem. The supported commands are
>> nas_get_embms_status_req_msg
>> nas_get_embms_sig_req_msg
>> according to some posts in the SW source forums.
>> I searched through the libqmi code and I found eMBMS-related code only in gobi-api/GobiAPI_2012-07-12-1036/Core/QMIEnum.h. The Gobi code seems to realize a bridge from libqmi to the proprietary kernel module from Sierra, if I see that correctly.  But beside the defines in QMIEnum.h there is no code related to eMBMS. From the Introduction to libqmi at sigquit, I understood that libqmi is only a thin layer preparing, multiplexing and forwarding qmi commands to the modem. So I suppose I have to know the QMI commands to setup an eMBMS reception and then use libqmi to send them to the modem. I do not have the documentation of the eMBMS QMI commands, though. At this moment I am a bit stuck and do not know if there is a possibility to test eMBMS with the EM3740. Can you give me some idea how to get eMBMS tested with the help of libqmi? Any advice is welcome.
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