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Lodewijk Duymaer van Twist lodewijk at
Wed May 30 05:41:59 UTC 2018


I would like to ask for some advice. 

We are developing a new generation or our alarm dialer product, for which we used to use AT commands in the old days, but now we have luxury of developing a platform on which we can use libqmi. We are kind of overwhelmed by libqmi and all its capabilities. We have the need for the following capabilities and: 
- SIM card unlocking/changing pin code/puk code, etc. 
- Starting and answering voice calls (we will be using TTS for communication). 
- Network connectivity internet or private APN. 
- SMS messaging 

What is best practice for the above features libqmi, ModemManager, at commands? or a combination. 

Also would you recommend a book or site for further reading? 

Kind regards, 

Lodewijk Duymaer van Twist 
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