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Christopher McKenzie chris at
Wed Jun 12 21:05:22 UTC 2019

As usual the people on stackoverflow seem to not have any of the 
troubles I do.

I've tried binding it both to my ipv4 and ipv6 address. I tried running 
the initial binary through the MMS decoder here 
which gave useful information such as the size etc but nothing that 
looks like some kind of salt or auth token I might need to pass (nobody 
is *suggesting* this, I'm just kinda out of ideas)

It's important to note that there seems to be some other container 
format (here's a dump of the mms I'm looking at now 
The decodable parts are 0x26-0xcf

Also there is this other hint. There's these two strings:

Upon closer inspection they aren't the same.

I'm thinking that the 3GPP TS 33.220 has an opinion on what that means 
but I haven't gone through the trouble of looking at it.

Lastly I tried very small files on the theory that all of this is simply 
to stitch large files over some limited connection but alas, that also 
led nowhere.

On 6/12/19 1:09 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
> On Wed, 2019-06-12 at 12:52 -0700, Christopher McKenzie wrote:
>> Replies below.
>> On 6/12/19 11:25 AM, Dan Williams wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2019-06-12 at 10:34 -0700, Christopher McKenzie wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I've checked the mailing list and I can't find any history on
>>>> this.
>>>> I'm
>>>> wondering if anyone has successfully received the content of MMS
>>>> messages.
>>>> On my T-Mobile SIM I get a message that translates to
>>>> (binascii.unhexlify of the mmcli -m -s * content)
>>>> "application/vnd.wap.mms-message" with a URL link at the end of
>>>> the
>>>> payload.  When I curl -I the url I get the following:
>>>> 299 GBA "Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (3GPP TS 33.220)
>>>> support
>>>> is
>>>> required to access the requested resource"
>>>> After doing some research it looks like the server wants to have
>>>> a
>>>> sophisticated conversation with me (see the spec here, warning
>>>> zipped
>>>> msword:
>>>> I've seen evidence that Maemo knows how to talk this language and
>>>> after
>>>> searching the source code I believe that gammu does not.
>>>> I've found a few implementations that will decode the
>>>> vnd.wap.mms-message payload, but no standalone that will then
>>>> proceed
>>>> to
>>>> talk with the remote server and get the content.
>>>> Has anyone found any open source tools that can ingest these
>>>> application/vnd.wap.mms-message payloads and get the
>>>> corresponding
>>>> MMS
>>>> content?
>>> IIRC it's just HTTP to the MMSC over the MMS PDP/EPS context if
>>> your
>>> provider uses a non-default context for MMS. Otherwise it can just
>>> go
>>> to the MMSC over the default context.
>> A standard curl request returns:
>> HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
>> Warning: 299 GBA "Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (3GPP TS
>> 33.220)
>> support  required to access the requested resource"
>> Connection: Close
>> Content-Length: 0
>> Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
> Are you sure the curl is going out via the modem network interface?
> Like I said I don't know a ton about it, but this thread:
> seems to say the user got that GBA error until they bound curl/wget to
> the IP of the modem:
> "When I do wget --bind-address=IP.OF.MO.DEM ttnmmsget.msg.eng.t-
>… it does download a fairly big file with no extension:
> wapenc?T=mavodi-1-13b-db-1-9d-3fcf1b8 ..."
>> On my mobile phone it doesn't seem to use the URL at all. If I
>> disable
>> data and turn off my wifi I can still receive photographs. Even when
> Often MMS will use a different PDP/EPS context that is not billed the
> same (or is even free/unlimited) as the default data context. So
> perhaps in this case disabling data just deactivates the default
> context and MMS is still enabled. Just a guess.
> Dan
>> I
>> have only the wifi on if I do tcpdump at the router there's no
>> traffic
>> that goes over the network to retrieve the image.
>> So this means that there's ways of retrieving the media OTA without
>> using the internet and that I'd at least have to modify my HTTP
>> header
>> to get the server to play nicely. Maybe it's effectively just and
>> GET but I need to append something to the request to tell the server
>> I'm
>> special somehow
>>> Which is why ModemManager doesn't do anything MMS-related because
>>> MMS
>>> is all at the IP level so once MM has set up connectivity then
>>> anything
>>> can do MMS.
>>> For example, fMMS:
>> This appears to just do essentially an HTTP GET ... I tried it with
>> the
>> x-wap-profile header as the code does just for kicks but I continue
>> to
>> get the 400 Bad Request. There may be a proxy as the code suggests
>> but I
>> haven't found evidence of that.
>>> But I don't actually know much more than that. But I think fMMS is
>>> basically what you want, albeit in Python and coded to Maemo UI and
>>> system services.
>>> MM might still be involved if it doesn't correctly
>>> deliver/interpret
>>> the SMS Push messages that say you have a new MMS to receive, but I
>>> think it already does that. I haven't checked though.
>> yes, you can do this through dbus.
>>> Dan
>>>> Or, alternatively, is there another way to retrieve the (mostly)
>>>> images
>>>> from an MMS message that doesn't use this approach? Thanks.
>>>> ~chris.
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