Network scan - retrieve additional information

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Aug 30 12:06:16 UTC 2021

Hey John,

> I have only recently started trying qmicli/libqmi and I have a suggestion for an enhancement:
> The network scan currently retrieves MCC, MNC, Status, Description, RAT, and whether or not the MCC has PCS digits.
> Is it possible to make the network scan retrieve additional information for each detected cell, such as:
> band name and/or number
> channel number
> signal strength information

Unfortunately we're limited to what the modem replies in the "NAS
Network Scan" operation, and I don't think any of that info is given
in the responses.

The "NAS Get Cell Location Info" operation gives much more detailed
info as the one you suggest, but that applies only to the current
network where the module is registered.


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