Network scan - retrieve additional information

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Aug 31 08:03:57 UTC 2021


> I was looking through the source code (e.g. qmicli-nas.c) and it looks like specific sets of information elements* are requested from the network scan, so I was hoping there are actually more information elements available and they could be retrieved by adding them to the requested information elements.

The only thing we can modify in the scan request, as far as we know,
is the "network type" being looked for (if we want to limit it to some
specific access tech), see:

All the other information elements you're referring to are given to us
as output in the response, e.g.

> *Information elements requested:
> QmiMessageNasNetworkScanOutputNetworkInformationElement
> QmiMessageNasNetworkScanOutputRadioAccessTechnologyElement
> QmiMessageNasNetworkScanOutputMncPcsDigitIncludeStatusElement
> I'm using a SimCom SIM7600G-H which has a Qualcomm MDM9607 chipset, but I haven't been able to find any information on what other network scan information elements might be retrievable from the modem.

As said, those are not information elements "requested"; those are
information elements "included in the response".

> I've noticed a few odd things with this modem such as there is no AT command for network scan in the SimCom AT command manual, but it's available through the qmicli...which raises my suspicion that there may be more information hiding under the surface...

Maybe talk to SimCom support about that? They may have extended AT
commands as many other manufacturers have.


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