ANN: libqrtr-glib 1.2.0 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Nov 8 11:16:59 UTC 2021

Hey all,

This is a new major release of the library, which will be the base for the new 1.2.x stable series (the new "qrtr-1-2" branch in git).

Overview of changes in libqrtr 1.2

  * Build fully switched to meson.
    ** There are no longer source tarballs released, builds should be done exclusively from git repository checkouts, e.g. based on release tags.
    ** The GNU autotools based build is no longer supported.
    ** See

  * Build now requires:
    ** glib2 >= 2.56.

  * libqrtr-glib:
    ** Added new qrtr-types.h header including all types in the library, which avoids cross references between the different objects.


Download and verify:
     $ git clone --depth 1 --branch 1.2.0 git at
     $ cd libqrtr-glib
     $ $ git tag --verify 1.2.0

Please report bugs either to:
     libqmi-devel at

Or to gitlab:


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