MC7710 / MC7304 DHCP lease

Kasper Holtze kasper at
Sat Apr 9 16:54:37 UTC 2022


I've having some issues getting an IP address from my modems, when using 
autoconnect (wds-set-autoconnect-settings=enabled). For the MC7710 it 
takes really long time, and often I never gets an address. For the 
MC7304 it's a bit faster, and I usually gets an address at some point. 
I'm using raw-ip in the driver and modems. When I connect manually, 
using qmi-network, I usually gets an IP address right away. I can see in 
the modems that they actually gets an address very fast, using 
AT+SCPADDR=1. It just seems to take forever to get it over to the wwan 
interface in Linux.

The modems are upgraded with latest firmware. I'm using udhcpc from Busybox.

I would really like not having to manage the connection myself, but use 
autoconnect. Is this a known issue? Where should I look to improve this?

Thank you,


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