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Aleksander Morgado aleksandermj at chromium.org
Fri Feb 3 09:38:28 UTC 2023


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>> I'm using qmicli version 1.30.6 and can't figure out why I keep getting
>> the OutOfCall error when calling the --wds-get-current-settings command.
>> These are the modem details:
>> I'm running the cli on an armv7l Debian 11 system.
Without knowing much more, I would bet you're not
using --client-no-release-cid and --client-cid=[CID] properly, that would
be the simplest explanation.
You must use --client-no-release-cid with your --wds-start-network command,
so that the WDS client id is kept allocated. After that, every other
--wds-XX operation you run should be run with --client-cid=[CID] including
the CID value you got when using --client-no-release-cid. As soon as the
WDS client id is released, the corresponding network would be stopped, and
you would get the OutOfCall error.

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