[LGM] Community funding LGM 2013

Femke Snelting snelting at collectifs.net
Mon Dec 3 09:20:15 PST 2012


Time to get the community funding for LGM 2013 going...

Do we stay with pledgie? http://pledgie.com/campaigns/16614

Alexandre P: would you have time to coordinate this effort?

The pledgie platform is far from vibrant but I'm not so sure about others (often all-or-nothing funding which I think does not work for LGM).

And what about this: https://crm.fsf.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=8 Could be interesting to fund through Free Software Foundation, what do you think? Any experience with this?

Our target should be again 10.000 I think but it would be nice to meet our goal this year ;-)


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