[LGM] Preparations for LGM 2013: Future Tools are underway

Femke Snelting snelting at collectifs.net
Thu Dec 6 02:13:40 PST 2012

Hello Greg

> While I like the idea of having something of a theme in the presentations, I would not like to see people feeling they shouldn't talk if they don't have something to say about some collaborative effort. I think it's always good to hear about new things going on with the various graphics projects, such as Richard Hughes talking about ColorHug for example.

It is certainly not the idea to discourage presentations that do not respond to this 'special focus'. Can you maybe propose a correction/chage to the way that the call is phrased that would avoid that impression?

> Another thought is having something like poster presentations one day/afternoon with materials pinned up to large bulletin boards, the idea being to get small groups and individuals discussing some topic of interest to the presenter. We have typically had lightning talks, of course, but this would be less formal, and more flexible.
> At any rate, it's a matter of thinking about new things to do, new ways of sharing information.

OK, good idea to have bulletin boards and think through a more informal presentation set-up; seems we all agree that lightning talk / BOF / poster-type presentations are important; to make place for the 'thinking out loud together'-character of LGM. Working on it!


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