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Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 14:33:12 PST 2012

On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 3:02 PM, Femke Snelting wrote:

> Can you help me understand what we expect from this coverage?

Better recognition, more coverage, more donations.

> For audience, I think we can already expect quite a lot of people to turn
> up; I guess for sponsoring and community funding the relative visibility of
> the event matters?

Can we? My impression from talking to Louis about 2011 was that
attendance was rather low.

> LGM never had 'keynotes' (no budget, no editorial team). I think that is
> important to insist on communicating that the event is not a conference, but
> a true meeting.

Um, wait. Like, deliberately not helping the event to grow?

> But: from LGRU budget/team we're working on some special guests that might
> do the trick. More news as soon as I have it, hoping by end of next week.


>> Or make a special project with webupd8.org or omgubuntu.co.uk like a
>> weekly video review of free software for graphic design and
>> photography, co-branded with the website and LGM.
> Medialab Prado is currently working with Berlin-based designers Lafkon on an
> interactive/generative campaign under the header 'Future Tools';

Sorry, I've no clue what it means :)

> In my words (excuse my enthusiasm :-)), LGM in general and this edition in
> particular is special because:
> - LGM is the one and only international event that brings all projects for
> the creative desktop together
> - An event that takes the exchange between users and developers very serious
> - A true meeting that is a welcome occasion for teams to work together, set
> goals, develop new projects, get inspired
> - An international yearly event that has been organised by volonteers since
> 2006
> - A place where Free, Libre and Open Source software can excezll as an
> innovative, creative and future-forward force
> - A showcase of cutting edge work that spans the whole Libre Graphics
> ecosystem: from tool to open standard, from font to desktop environment,
> from free culture to design excellence
> - Organised in close collaboration with the internationally renowned
> Medialab Prado
> - Well-established relationships with local and international art- and
> design schools, agencies, cultural organisations
> - This LGM is for the first time connecting to the vibrant Spanish speaking
> developers community, including Argentina, Chile, Mexico, ...
> - ...
>> Get any of the folks who run successful Blender-related blogs to
>> feature LGM every once in a while (but before that, make sure Blender
>> Foundation, Luxrender and Yafaray folks turn up at the conference).
> Yes. Let's start inviting specific teams now, and keep this list posted as
> far as people don't want to sign up already.


>> - Manage the media plan
> ok, what does that mean?

Staying in touch with media, making sure news get posted etc.

> And will you start the pledgie campaign? Would be best, but if this falls
> off your list, I can do it.

I can. Just tell me, when.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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