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Femke Snelting snelting at collectifs.net
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On 12/06/2012 11:33 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 3:02 PM, Femke Snelting wrote:
>> Can you help me understand what we expect from this coverage?
> Better recognition, more coverage, more donations.
>> For audience, I think we can already expect quite a lot of people to turn
>> up; I guess for sponsoring and community funding the relative visibility of
>> the event matters?
> Can we? My impression from talking to Louis about 2011 was that
> attendance was rather low.

Because of chaining LGM 2013 to LGRU and Interactivos, we can count on at least 90 guaranteed participants (all paid by EU/Medialab Prado), many of them new to LGM but serious about tools, FLOSS, Free Culture

- 25 LGRU researchers/artists/developers
- 65 project leaders, technical assistants & collaborators

While working in Madrid, I have seen lots of enthusiasm from local design students, free software developers and free culture activists that are new to LGM. Medialab Prado is already actively working to involve local orgs in the event so let's be prepared for 200+ participants

>> LGM never had 'keynotes' (no budget, no editorial team). I think that is
>> important to insist on communicating that the event is not a conference, but
>> a true meeting.
> Um, wait. Like, deliberately not helping the event to grow?

See above: I think growth is both needed and possible but it is a meeting, that's a different thing to communicate than a conference?

>> But: from LGRU budget/team we're working on some special guests that might
>> do the trick. More news as soon as I have it, hoping by end of next week.
> OK
>>> Or make a special project with webupd8.org or omgubuntu.co.uk like a
>>> weekly video review of free software for graphic design and
>>> photography, co-branded with the website and LGM.
>> Medialab Prado is currently working with Berlin-based designers Lafkon on an
>> interactive/generative campaign under the header 'Future Tools';
> Sorry, I've no clue what it means :)

>> In my words (excuse my enthusiasm :-)), LGM in general and this edition in
>> particular is special because:
>> - LGM is the one and only international event that brings all projects for
>> the creative desktop together
>> - An event that takes the exchange between users and developers very serious
>> - A true meeting that is a welcome occasion for teams to work together, set
>> goals, develop new projects, get inspired
>> - An international yearly event that has been organised by volonteers since
>> 2006
>> - A place where Free, Libre and Open Source software can excezll as an
>> innovative, creative and future-forward force
>> - A showcase of cutting edge work that spans the whole Libre Graphics
>> ecosystem: from tool to open standard, from font to desktop environment,
>> from free culture to design excellence
>> - Organised in close collaboration with the internationally renowned
>> Medialab Prado
>> - Well-established relationships with local and international art- and
>> design schools, agencies, cultural organisations
>> - This LGM is for the first time connecting to the vibrant Spanish speaking
>> developers community, including Argentina, Chile, Mexico, ...
>> - ...
>>> Get any of the folks who run successful Blender-related blogs to
>>> feature LGM every once in a while (but before that, make sure Blender
>>> Foundation, Luxrender and Yafaray folks turn up at the conference).
>> Yes. Let's start inviting specific teams now, and keep this list posted as
>> far as people don't want to sign up already.
> OK
>>> - Manage the media plan
>> ok, what does that mean?
> Staying in touch with media, making sure news get posted etc.
>> And will you start the pledgie campaign? Would be best, but if this falls
>> off your list, I can do it.
> I can. Just tell me, when.

Today :-)?


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