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Mónica Cachafeiro monica at medialab-prado.es
Mon Dec 17 12:39:16 PST 2012

Hello Everyone!!

As some of you may already know, last Friday we had a meeting to try to 
figure out how to help and support LGM as part of the programming of 
Medialab but respecting your organization and planning.
We would like to share with you some ideas and decisions we made.

Keynotes speakers; we are inviting 3 keynotes speakers, but they have 
not confirmed their participation yet. We will include them on the 
programme when we have more information.

Media Planning; Medialab is working with Lakfron developing a media 
campaign. We hope this will be more or less ready by the end of January.
Until then,  we will spread the word all around our community and 
With Femke we started a a mailing list to send both calls, LGM's call 
for presentations and Interactivos? call for projects.


To avoid spamming the list with the same subject, we can include on the 
pad when and which list has been contacted and by who.

Nerea Garcia, is the person in charge of communication and press at 
Medialab, she is on the list and she will add the list of contacts we 
make. We have very good connections with makerbot, arduino, cosm... But 
of course we will write a letter explaining the collaboration between 
LGM and Medialab-Prado to help everyone make the contacts needed. Do you 
have any ideas or suggestions to include in the letter?
We are also working in a "sponsor dossier" for the local partners 
(hotels, hostels, publics institutions...)
*Regarding the rest of Fundraising and support research, we understand 
that being the host, we do not need to take part on the negotiation with 
the usual sponsors of the Meeting since most of you already have direct 
contact with them. Also we won't be involved on the management of the 
pledgie campaign, but of course we will spread it. Regarding the Phyton 
protocol, we do not have any objection about signing it.

On the LG Meeting website, we have translated the page to Spanish to 
help the spanish speaking communities be part of the meeting. :-)
Also accommodation info is updated, I have agreements with some hotels, 
hostels and apartments, the special fares and how to proceed to book is 
on the website.

If you think that we can improve some information or if you have any 
doubt please let me know. Of course we will help everyone withe the 
invitation letters for those who need to manage a visa, grant or any 
other issue.

I'm not sure if I am missing something important from your discussions 
on the list. In any case, I will be more present in the mailing list 
from now on. sorry for the silence and this neverending email!


Mónica Cachafeiro
Área de Las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Tlf: 915 177 289, ext. 57289
Durante las obras que tienen lugar en la sede de MEDIALAB-PRADO (plaza de las Letras 15, 28014, Madrid), el personal y las actividadesse trasladan temporalmente a Paseo de la Chopera 14. (Intermediae/ Madtadero Madrid)

"Go green, keep it on the screen"

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