[LGM] LGMeeting Medialab updated

Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 00:57:57 PST 2012

On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 12:39 AM, Mónica Cachafeiro
<monica at medialab-prado.es> wrote:
> Hello Everyone!!
> As some of you may already know, last Friday we had a meeting to try to
> figure out how to help and support LGM as part of the programming of
> Medialab but respecting your organization and planning.
> We would like to share with you some ideas and decisions we made.

Hi Monica,

Sorry, I was unavailable most of the last week.

I'd like to have your input about working with the media.

As I already mentioned before, getting the online media to keep
mentioning the conference will work as long as we feed them with
interesting content. However I'm not sure how well it aligns with your
own plans. I really would like to step on your toes :)

I have a list of communities that could (or definitely will) host a
pledgie widget, and I'll add potentially interesting websites to work
with later today. It's a Google Docs spreadsheet that I can share with
involved parties. It also has contacts of teams who participate, as
well as artists who could do workshops.

Also, as per results of a prior discussion, I started sending out
personal invitations to teams. The first group I'm targeting is folks
who make awesome free 3D rendering engines: Mitsuba, LuxRender,
Yafaray, Appleseed, Cycles (Blender).

Alexandre Prokoudine

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