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Laura Fernández laura at medialab-prado.es
Tue Dec 18 03:34:07 PST 2012

Hello everyone,

First of all let me introduce myself: my name is Laura Fernández and I'm 
one of the persons in charge of the cultural program at Medialab-Prado. 
I apologise for not being visible in this list so far. We will be happy 
to have a fluid dialogue with all of you to help organise and host this 
very exciting project we have ahead :)

Now I would like to share details about the campaign we are planning for 
publicity and communication of the LGM - Future Tools event. We invited 
Lafkon <http://www.lafkon.net/> studio with the following premises:

    What are we asking for?
    -Design and programming of an online generative tool to create the
    graphic materials for the campaign in a way that involves in the
    process the different voices of people and communities we would like
    to reach
    -Online space where this can happen, ideally for mobile devices too
    -Design/selection of final "official" poster
    -Logo or image that can be included in various media
    Everything needs to be developed with FLOSS-tools/technologies.
    Scripts and results can be freely worked with. (GPL license or similar)

    -16th December first draft-ideas
    -End January the generative script is online. We hope (still to be
    confirmed) to have before that an "official" image that can be
    included in various media (added to the website, included in
    dossiers for sponsorship, etc)
    -15th March "official" poster

We have a small budget to print the posters locally and also for flyers 
and stickers. And have the idea of having some sort of garment which is 
not a t-shirt, a "Libre uniform" ;)... And also a budget to invite a 
couple of journalists and to organise a breakfast.

I think this is all for now.

Best regards,


Laura Fernández
Medialab Prado
Área de Las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Paseo de la Chopera, 14
Tfno. +34 915177287
laura at medialab-prado.es

Durante las obras que tienen lugar en MEDIALAB-PRADO (Plaza de las Letras. Alameda, 15. 28014 Madrid) el personal y la actividad se trasladan temporalmente a Paseo de la Chopera, 14. 28045 Madrid (Intermediae-Matadero-Madrid).

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