[LGM] ideas for the LGM 2014

Femke Snelting snelting at collectifs.net
Fri Apr 5 12:01:47 PDT 2013

Hey ale and all,

greetings from Madrid!

Hectic here with preparations http://gallery3.constantvzw.org/Preparing-Future-Tools

Medialab just moved into their new space, and after some technical hiccups things start rolling. From Monday on, if you are in Madrid, you are welcome to come and help out; more news on that later today.

On 05/04/13 19:11, ale rimoldi wrote:
> dear LGMers,
> next week we will meet in madrid... and one of the topics will for sure be the lgm 2014.
> does anybody have a proposal for a place to go?
> personally, i would love to have a decision before the end of the LGM, like we did last year...
> if i recall it correctly:
> - there is still the idea floating around to go to vietnam (is it still actual? if yes, i would love to hear about it a bit earlier than during the last LGM day...);
> - i've heard some people saying that they would love to go to berlin;
> - there were some ideas from south america;
> - and montreal may still be there waiting for us :-)
> if i recall it correctly (2), a discussion on the future of the LGM is planned (and i think is needed!) and hearing about some proposals could help improve the discussion!

Good you bring all this up. We haven't really planned a 'Future of LGM' meeting after all. I did propose such a meeting but there were no responses, so I let go. If more than you and me are interested, let's find a moment for this -- I think it is needed too.

> have a nice weekend and see you in madrid!

see you here soon!


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