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Dear Greg and Lila and all concerned by the future of LGM,

Thank you both for your constructive comments!
In the organisers-meeting there has been some steps made towards clarifying
the decision making process, and updating the requirements list. A decision
on the next venue should be reached by 15 May. We also established a
'global' organising team with different tasks including infrastructure, a
content team and a sponsor team. A report of the meeting can be found here:

If you are interested in following the discussion, or want to contribute to
organising LGM, please sign up to the LGM-organisers list; we would like to
continue the discussion there: http://lists.freedesktop.org/**

The CREATE list is for anything Libre Graphics related; your ideas,
reports, specific projects etc. Keep them coming!


On 15/04/13 03:43, Gregory Pittman wrote:

> Some generic comments about LGM site selection.
> I'm concerned that the decision-making about the most imminent LGM can
> become such a wide-open process.
> For 2014, the only sites under discussion should be places where there is
> a proposal of a specific site, with a clear organizer or group, who
> hopefully have some track record of being able to organize events.
> Obviously, previous sites and organizers have a leg up on this, but we
> can't afford last minute surprises. I would hate to see a bad or poorly
> attended LGM. This year we had the strength and knowledge of Femke, but
> even so the internet connection was quite inadequate for a
> technology-oriented group.
> For two years into the future, then some proposals can be more tenuous,
> but even so there should be some champion who can flesh out some details
> about who will organize the event, know  that there is local support of
> services and maybe even money, and some concrete details about what the
> community has to offer specifically regarding LGM.
> I enjoy traveling, and certainly have ideas about what places I would like
> to visit some day, but LGM isn't some travelogue that always must seek out
> new places to go. I think what we want is that each meeting is a success
> and each in some way better than the last.
> Perhaps one thing which might help would be the creation of a manual of
> sorts which details the particular needs which LGM has, so that anyone
> proposing to host LGM knows what they need to put together.
> Greg
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